Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation
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Project Consortium – Introduction of Roles


The COMSODE consortium brings together heterogeneous bodies from 4 EU-member countries. Its size is compact (6), but this is taken as an advantage allowing smooth management and focused approach to objectives.

  • EEA, DSE CUNI and UNIMIB already have know-how and implementations tools that are a base for key parts of expected functionality of the publishing platform and support to pilot applications;
  • ADDSEN works with public bodies on methodologies and measure the usability of guidelines and applications (from the user-friendliness point of view, coherence with best practice, etc.)
  • Slovak MoI (and other User Board members) will serve as pilot cases for new applications created in COMSODE – suits to their  open data publication needs;
  • EEA, DSE CUNI and UNIMIB will re-use further the outputs from the project for new services or improvements of tools, methodologies and services built above the project results;
  • SPINQUE and EEA will provide commercial services in addition to and on-top of results of COMSODE in real world conditions.

Seven associated members have expressed their support during project preparations. They will be complemented in the User Group by several bodies from EU countries during first three months of the project.

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