Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation
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COMSODE at ICT 2013 in Vilnius


The COMSODE consortium represented by Miroslav Konecny (ADDSEN) has used the opportunity to join a panel at thematic session of ICT 2013 – the EC-organized conference in Vilnius.

The thematic session The Business of Open Data organized by Spanish SME Zabala has attracted more than 80 stakeholders of this domain.


Miguel García from Zabala Innovation Consulting has introduced the topic and thematic session with an objective to generate community around on-going and forthcoming businesses initiatives based on open data. Four panelists represented various parts of the OpenData value chain.

Carlos Lamsfus, from the Competence Research Centre in Tourism, CICtourGUNE, Spain, has presented a mobile app for tracking tourists at destinations. Based on this project, Carlos has talked about new project/service/business opportunities based on the use of Open Data to enrich data coming from mobile devices and invites interested potential partners (SMEs, Research Centres, Universities, etc.). As he said: “Open Data is one of the many buzz words at the moment. The community continues to grow and there is plenty of real work being carried out. For the tourism sector open data is becoming more and more relevant as it is the source of new services and knowledge. The challenge now remains in how we make it operative for everyday users.”

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Miroslav Konečný from ADDSEN presented the ongoing EU project Components supporting the OpenData exploitation (COMSODE). He introduced features of the planned open source outcome: Open-Data-Node – a new tool for publication, refinement and re-use of Open Data. He stressed the focus of the project on quality of published data and methodology taking into account requirements of future users. The consortium has also invited SMEs to become associated partners to the project and to build new applications for Open Data jointly.


Aidan McGuire from Scraperwiki talked about how to turn the 500 million pdfs on the web into usable data to extract value. Francine Bennett from Mastodon C introduced the approach helping to use Open Data as a hack to help government agencies share data which can help the generation of business. The follow-up debate was moderated by Miguel García. Key topics debated were:

  • Is there a perspective business for Open Data?
  • How to avoid existing obstacles for Open Data use and re-use?
  • How can Open Data serve for media and ordinary citizen?

All these topics are in the scope of next COMSODE activities and we will come back to them soon.



konecny1 Mr. Miroslav Konečný is a Senior Manager from ADDSEN.

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