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First User Board meeting: Requirements of users and re-users articulated


On 28 January 2014 the COMSODE consortium has the opportunity to meet and consult with the project User Board members on the premises of Charles University in Prague.

User Board is a crucial part of the Comsode user engagement strategy, because its members represent all stakeholder groups within the Open Data policy. The User Board has currently 11 members from 8 different EU countries, representing local authorities, government bodies, SME companies, as well as NGOs, academia and related EU funded projects (e.g. Smart Open Data, GI-N2K).

Collecting opinions from multiple types of institutions is a prerequisite for effective project design of Open Data Node and delivery of usable results.  User Board members gathered in Prague were either providers of Open Data or potential re-users of Open access information.

At the Prague meeting the User Board members shared with the Comsode partners their experience and views on requirements. The meeting was of significant importance as the communication and subsequent cooperation with the future users and re-users of Open Data Note is crucial for effective development of Open Data Node.

User Board participants learned more details about the Comsode undertaking and their specific role within the project: to evaluate planned features of the Open Data Node and to express preferences and meaningful remarks for its further development. In addition, other topics as technological aspects of Open Data Node, Selection of Datasets and Searching through data were discussed.

The consortium is aware of the importance of user-friendly design of Open Data Node in Comsode project and highly appreciates the first interaction with the User Board.


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