Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation
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Project COMSODE has launched a new service today!


Research project COMSODE could help you to start  with Open publishing or help you to transform the data formats you are using now to the better Open formats. 

Are you aware of any Data suitable for Open publishing? Do you lack tools for that or not sure about how to publish properly? 

Then let´s get involved and explore a new webpage dedicated to assist with Open publishing!  

Please visit and learn more. By answering few questions about the Data of your interest you could:

  • Get free up-to-date tools for publishing your Data openly. As a contributing party you could get direct access to the results of the project and use open publishing services – of publication platform Open Data Node.
  • Save the costs. Public, as well as private, organizations are enabled to provide data for public or for re-use more effectively, when they are using the Open Data Node platform.
  • Spread the Openness. Everyone could contribute to more transparent and open society by applying the Open standards while publishing any Data.  At the same time, employment of Open Data formats could help public organization to transpose the provisions of the PSI Directive on the re-use of public sector information as required by the European Union. 

If you are interested in above mention issues, please visit the webpage that COMSODE has launched today and share with us your opinions about Open Data publishing.

Further information on what we are offering, how the publication service works and about the project itself could be found also on mentioned website.


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