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Publishing 150 datasets thanks to Open Data Node platform

This week, COMSODE consortium has finalized the set of more than 150 datasets which will be published with the COMSODE publication platform – Open Data Node.

Some of the datasets are not published as Open Data yet and are completely new to the Open Data family. Some of them have already been published as Open Data by their owners. However, their publication with Open Data Node will bring a lot of new benefits for the consumers of the datasets, e.g., transformation to Linked Open Data, rich API or search capabilities on top of the data.

The datasets are from various European countries, including Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands and Albania. What´s more they cover more than 20 domains, e.g. business, e-health, environment, education or demographical statistics.

The good news also is that many of the datasets will not be published by COMSODE project members but by public institutions who own the data and cooperate with the project, e.g. Czech Trade Inspection Authority, Czech Telecommunication Office, or Slovak Ministry of Interior. The other datasets will be published because of various requests from COMSODE associated SMEs. For example, Collite company based in Prague, Czech Republic, is willing to consume our ehealth datasets (in Linked Open Data form) in their application for physicians – DrugEncyclopedia ( This will enable us to demonstrate all possibilities Open Data Node will bring to the Open Data publishers and consumers.


necasky1Dr. Martin Nečaský is an assistant professor at DSE CUNI. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer  Science in 2008 from CUNI. He has published more than 45 refereed conference papers and journal articles.

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