Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation
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BLOG POST SERIES: The Bigger Picture of Open Data

There has been a lot of public discussion about Open Data in the recent years. The subject is being approached among others from the perspective of:

  • policy (politicians)
  • technology (by IT professionals)
  • practical day-to-day utility (by regular citizens who use the apps enabled by Open Data).

Different stakeholders often have very different goals: The consumer would prefer to have all the data, the public organization is thinking about the costs/benefits and potential risks of publishing. Sometimes the parties speak in “different languages” (e.g. when politician doesn’t understand what the “IT guys” are saying) and therefore it’s often hard for them to understand each other and work together. When it’s understood what the main issues are from the perspective of everyone involved, it may be easier to work together on Open Data publishing and re-use.

Perhaps you, the reader, are in one of mentioned roles. We hope to provide you with a brief introduction, quick overview and a useful pointer to sources where you can learn more about the Open Data and its publishing by bringing you a Blog post series in the coming months. All articles from this set would be added gradually and accessible here:

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