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Open Data Node – who it is intended for

Open Data Node can be deployed and used many times, by many kinds of users, for many purposes:

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Open Data Node 1.2 released

Open Data Node logo On September 28th 2015, Open Data Node 1.2 was released. This article will introduce new functionality it contains compared to first stable release ODN 1.0 (described in previous article):

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How ODN addresses security concerns

Open Data Node logoIn the previous article from Mr. Lubor Illek (Security concerns of Open Data publishing), we’ve outlined some security concerns which apply to publication of Open Data, regarding security of the IT environment of the publisher and security (in the sense of „protection“) of the published data. In this article we describe in more detail what exactly Open Data Node (ODN) does for publishers in that regard.

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Open Data Node 1.0 released

Open Data Node logoOn April 29th 2015, Open Data Node 1.0 was released. So now I’m going to describe what this release actually does, compared to what it is supposed to do (as described almost a year ago in my initial blog post: Open Data Node – what it is, what it does, what is next).

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Open Data Node – what it is, what it does, what is next

One of the main goals of COMSODE project is the creation of publication platform for Open Data called Open Data Node (see project description). Open Data Node (or ODN in short) will be – or to some degree already is – Open Source and is intended to be used mainly to publish Open Data. That’s the basic use-case. And our motivation is to provide tool which can make this publication repeatable, automated and easy to use.

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