Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation
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Looking back at two years of COMSODE

The Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic (MoI) was a proud member of the COMSODE consortium for the duration of the project. The organizations represented in the consortium were coming from various backgrounds and each brought a unique contribution to the table. The software houses (EEA, Spinque) played a key role in designing and delivering the data publishing platform Open Data Node and the related search platform, ADDSEN played a key role in coordinating the project, the universities (UNIMIB, Charles University) made sure the project is in line with up-to-date research. This is of course greatly simplified. What was the contribution of the Ministry of Interior in Slovakia? Read More

Gateway to COMSODE results

Explore the key COMSODE achievements from a single point of contact. The source code is open source and methodologies are licensed CC BY 4.0 – Attribution 4.0 International.

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Linked Open Data Activities of Charles University

In 2011, we formed as a group of Open Data enthusiasts from Charles University and University of Economics in Prague. In that time, we started promoting Open Data among Czech public bodies as well as prospective consumers. As academicians we also started our own research in the area of Linked Open Data publication, visualization and exploration.During the first two years of our Open Data activities we have developed a lot of contacts with public bodies as well as the community of potential Open Data consumers in the Czech Republic. Read More

Map of current FP7 Open Data projects

The common aim of this FP7 project group has been to develop new knowledge, new technologies, products or demonstration activities in the field of OPEN DATA. They were selected in the European Commission call for proposal, under FP7 Objective 4.3: SME initiative on analytics of Work Programme 2013. For better visualization see mindmap of FP7 OD projects


Project 365 #303: 301009 Blink And You’ll Miss It! / Pete / CC BY

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Linked Open Images

In a previous blog post, we introduced CultuurLINK as a service for the cultural heritage community to integrate collections by linking their controlled vocabularies. As an example we showed how to connect the internal subject term list from the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies with a large audio visual thesaurus (GTAA) from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

Today, we put these newly created links into action. Linked Open Images is a mobile application to explore historic material about World War II that gives access to three Open Data collections: historic (1) Dutch news reels shared by Sound and Vision and (2) Photographs and (3) Books shared by NIOD.

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