Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation
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A methodology for comparing and measuring Open Data Social Value

There are different dimensions to support the assessment and benchmarking of the social value of open data initiatives. We propose a methodology that compares and evaluates open data social value according to a spectrum of measures going from intensional completeness to subjective  meaning. We first suggest that open data made available online by an organization can be modelled in terms of the corresponding integrated conceptual schema, as a uniform construct. Then, a global schema is created with the integrated schemas, and intensional as well as extensional social value on data can be defined over such conceptual schemas.

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Open Data Publication Standards in Czech Republic


In February 2015, a new Open Data project has been started by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. The goal of this project is to establish standards and define procedure of publishing Open Data by public bodies in Czech Republic.ministry

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Methodology for publishing datasets as Open Data

COMSODE Open Data methodology is intended mainly for data owners and publishers (mainly public bodies). This generic methodology for publishing open data provides answers to questions such as:

  • How to identify unique resources in the datasets? How to reuse well known cmethodologyodebooks/vocabularies/ontologies (currencies, NUTS codes, ..)?
  • In which formats the data should be published so that they are machine readable?
  • How the data should be transformed (e.g. anonymized) before being published?
  • Which descriptive and provenance metadata should be published together with the dataset (such as name, format, location/URL, source, responsible person)?

Methodology is made of 5 main building blocks: phases, cross-cutting activities, artefacts,  roles and  practices.

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