Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation
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EEA communication solutions, Ltd. – Czech Republic
is an independent Czecho-Slovak software house concentrating on design, development, integration and support of online and mobile communication and information solutions. EEA is also active in IT related research participating on EU funded projects. EEA is an architect, main developer and maintainer of ODN. EEA can implement, integrate, support and maintain solutions based on ODN, consult and apply OD publishing methodology.

contact:, (Peter Hanečák)

cunilogoDept. of Software Engineering at Charles University in Prague – Czech Republic
Charles University in Prague
(CUNI) belongs to one of the oldest and most well-known universities in the world. Dept. of Software Engineering at CUNI has wide experience with cleansing, linking, integrating, publishing, exploiting, and visualizing (linked) open data. Dept. of Software Engineering at CUNI is focused on data transformations, linked data, application of methodology, open data related consulting. They can help with implementation of ODN.


The Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication (DISCo,) at University Milano Bicocca (UNIMIB) – Italy
focuses on Data quality and methodologies. DISCo can help with application of methodology, open data related consulting, data quality issues and implementation of ODN.


SPINQUE, LTD. – The Netherlands
Spinque Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, develops search technology for information specialists, combining the key advantages of information retrieval and databases to easily provide customised access to any data source. Spinque can help especially with implementation of their Search framework on top of ODN, but also with the application of methodology, open data related consulting, and implementation of ODN.



ADDSEN, LTD. – Slovakia
ADDSEN is an innovation management company providing assistance to any institution dealing with the challenge of innovation – ranging from process innovation in public bodies to business development in companies. Public sector information directive (PSI) requirements or eGovernmental services upgrade can be met by process innovation implemented in local or national innovation projects. ADDSEN helps to develop such projects from feasibility study and implementation to evaluation. Our consulting services can bring the OpenDataNode to your site in a sustainable way!


Office of Plenipotentiary for the Development of the Civil Society of the Government of the Slovak Republic – Ministry of Interior (MoI) – Slovakia
Ministry of Interior has been involved in policy work and strategic open data issues. It has implemented open data initiatives as part of Open Government Partnership initiatives in Slovakia, led a public consultation and has worked with a number of players on making data available in open formats. Ministry of Interior can help you in creating strategies and policy documents on the government level. Do you need to convince your elected officials to publish data? Do you want them to improve their current practices? Let us help.

contact: (Ján Gondoľ)


Jesse de VosJesse de Vos
I am a researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, mainly active in the area of the preservation of interactive media but also involved in (Linked) Open Data projects. Sound and Vision is an audio-visual archive with the following mission statement: “As the guardian of Dutch audio-visual cultural heritage we keep Dutch history in sound and vision alive. We make it possible for everyone to learn, experience and create with the Dutch audio-visual history.” Read more..

Brigitte LutzBrigitte Lutz
I’m a member of the CIO office of the City of Vienna and responsible for ICT-Strategy and the coordination of the Open Government Competence Centre of the City of Vienna. We are the strategic planning and management unit in all areas of a future-oriented information and communication technology and an efficient conveyor end process management of the City of Vienna. As a think-tank and an innovation driver inside, we focus consciously on strategic content and initiatives and provide our partners with a significant contribution to the optimization of internal processes and the urban quality of service for a liveable city. Read more..

Benedikt KotmelBenedikt Kotmel
I am a Project manager of Open data project at Ministry of finance of the Czech Republic that is focused on opening up the data provided by the Ministry. Me and my organization is working on: Opening the data – identification of data sets for publication, analysis of possibilities of publication and publication, Encouragement of Open Data in Czech Republic – organizing of seminars, workshops and consulting for other institutions. Read more..

Azzura PantellaAzzurra Pantella
I am a Senior SW Engineer and Manager of “Umbriadigitale” project that is the ICT “in-house” company of the Italian local government institution “Regione Umbria”. Umbriadigitale is in charge of the evolution of the “Regione Umbria” Open Data Platform. The Open Data initiative in Umbria started in 2014 as a basic CKAN catalogue but it is aiming toward a complete data infrastructure delivering timely and high quality datasets. Read more..

Jiri SunkaJiri Sunka
I am the Head of Data Management Methodology Department, and I am responsible for the OD activities. You can find information about our institution at the CSSA website. We publish data in pdf there, however we plan to publish Open data in autumn 2015. Currently we are adapting the methodology to the conditions of our organization, we are preparing the OD publication plan (approximately 100 data sets) in RDF format, and technical conditions for publication. Read more..

Andrei NicoaraAndrei Nicoara
I am a Personal Advisor to State Secretary Radu Puchiu, Open Data Activities coordinator. I am working on: Operating the Romanian Open Data National Portal –, co-organisation of open data dedicated hackathons, raising awareness of open data principles and best practices in public events aimed to governmental bodies and NGOs. Read more..

Monica PalmiraniMonica Palmirani
I am an Associate Professor of Computers and Law, University of Bologna, CIRSFID, School of Law. I have been working in the accessibility of legal source since 90′. Now the eGovernment is evolving in Open Government Data for favouring transparency, accessibility, participation, democracy and effectiveness of public administrative services, quality of the life. I am contributing with standards, ontologies, metadata models. I also study licenses and privacy implications of the Open Government Data on the ecosystem with particular regard when the public administration cooperates with private sector. Read more..

Nadežda Nikšová
I am a Specialist Adviser at Department of Legislation, Standards and Security of Information Systems at Ministry of Finance, Slovakia. My current Open data activities are closely connected to the project MetaInformation System of Public Administration, which provides all necessary information about information systems, services and other eGovernment components. Read more..

Martin KaltenböckMartin Kaltenböck
​I am one of the founders of Semantic Web Company and as CFO & Managing Partner responsible for ​finance and organisational issues. Furthermore I am leading the team at SWC working on knowledge- information- and data portals and tools and I work on topics like data management, linked open data, data integration et al in the fields of requirements engineering and project management in industry, government and research projects in Europe and above. Read more..

Martin TuchyňaMartin Tuchyňa
I am geospatial information consultant / project manager at the Slovak environmental agency, promoting interoperable spatial data infrastructures and re-use of location information. There are currently three main types of activities I am doing related to the Open Data movement: Learning and at the same time awareness raising about the benefits and possible issues related with the opening of data (working on European projects SmartOpenData, GI N2K, sdi4apps), Development of the Licencing framework providing the standardised methodology for harmonised use of licences (INSPIRE, PSI, eGov), Making available relevant Open Data from Slovakian environmental domain (SK Open Government Partnership initiative). Read more..

Christopher LutonChristopher Luton
I am a Head of Intellectual Property & Legal services at the British Geological Survey (UK). I specialise in intellectual property management, including patents, copyright and data access. Mainly I provide guidance on information management of environmental data – transparency agenda, INSPIRE, etc. My organisation, as part of the Natural Environment Research Council, is committed to follow Government policy on Open access. We have a lot of data already on We are also committed to making more and more data available. Our website has a whole area “OpenGeoscience” devoted to open data. Read more..

Martin TajtlMartin Tajtl
I am information systems administrator and analyst at Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA) and Open Data Expert at Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. CTIA is government institution focused on consumer protection in many areas (eg. consumer loans, fuel quality, and unfair trade practices). CTIA is publishing data about inspections, sanctions and bans as Open Data in 4 formats incl. RDF with 3-month update period. Read more..

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