Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation
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Brigitte Lutz

  • What is your position and mission in your instBrigitte Lutzitution?

I’m a member of the CIO office of the City of Vienna and responsible for ICT-Strategy and the coordination of the Open Government Competence Centre of the City of Vienna. We are the strategic planning and management unit in all areas of a future-oriented information and communication technology and an efficient conveyor end process management of the City of Vienna. As a think-tank and an innovation driver inside, we focus consciously on strategic content and initiatives and provide our partners with a significant contribution to the optimization of internal processes and the urban quality of service for a liveable city.

We watch pro-active social as technological trends and provide the impetus for the development of innovative ICT and process management solutions, as well as ICT consolidation under our intended conditions.

We see ourselves as a competent group of experts and mediate between individual needs and the corporate interests of the City of Vienna.

  • What are the current Open data activities you & your organization is working on?

We continue our process and open new data in quarterly data phases – 20th phase is planned for September 2015.

We set a main focus on data quality – improve the quality of Meta data and the description of data.


  • Why is it important to you?

We want to make the reuse of data easier.

  • How Comsode project helped you to develop these activities?

At COMSODE workshop in Vienna following ideas for the pilot were defined:

  • Management of all internal data sources
  • Automation and improvement of data publishing – mainly
    • publishing one dataset in multiple formats
    • keeping published data up-to-date (seamless updates)
  • Automated quality checks for certain metadata and data
  • What was the most inspiring part of Comsode project for you?

To learn from others.

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