Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation
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Martin Kaltenböck

Martin Kaltenböck

  • What is your position and mission in your institution?

​I am one of the founders of Semantic Web Company and as CFO & Managing Partner responsible for ​finance and organisational issues. Furthermore I am leading the team at SWC working on knowledge- information- and data portals and tools and I work on topics like data management, linked open data, data integration et al in the fields of requirements engineering and project management in industry, government and research projects in Europe and above.

  • What are the current Open data activities you & your organization is working on?

​We are providing concrete solutions and services for open data tools & systems as well as for Linked Open Data (LOD) and Linked Data solutions.​ I am also active in the field of Open Data in AT since 2010 – OKF-AT and ODP – Open Data Portal Austria, while I am very interested in Standards (AT, W3C, ISA) development.

  • Why is it important to you?

​Open Data is a great opportunities for organisations to A) start a more intense work on their data management strategy and solutions and thereby B) to create​ ​awareness for the importance of data management and the potential to use open data to create better data management solutions and analytics solutions as well as new insights and business models!​

  • How Comsode project helped you to develop these activities?

​The COMSODE project is an interesting opportunity for A) network​ing and knowledge exchange with others regarding (open) data management, B) for learning about the Comsode approach for open data management and C) to learn about the Comsode technology

  • What was the most inspiring part of Comsode project for you?

​I am really interesting in the technological solution of Comsode and the use of Linked Open Data especially.​

  • Do you have any recommendations for Comsode project?

​It is important to spread the word across Europe and align with other relevant initiatives and projects and Open Data activities – means also knowledge exchange on standards & interoperability solutions!

When more visibility can be raised potentially also other Open Data players will make use of Comsode results and/or

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