Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation
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Martin Tajtl

Martin Tajtl

  • What is your position and mission in your institutcouion?

I’m information systems administrator and analyst at Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA) and Open Data Expert at Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. CTIA is government institution focused on consumer protection in many areas (eg. consumer loans, fuel quality, and unfair trade practices). CTIA is publishing data about inspections, sanctions and bans as Open Data in 4 formats incl. RDF with 3-month update period.

  • What are the current Open data activities you & your organization is working on?

We are currently preparing new datasets for publishing. CTIA publication plan would contain promises to publish data about tested samples of goods, HR and finance data in next year. I offered my experience about open data to other European inspection authorities. Few of them work on their open data projects following CTIA data schema.

  • Why is it important to you?

CTIA is Czech open data leader because we believe in transparency, which make CTIA the most popular Czech government institution (as surveys say). And of course open data helps us to present how we serve to public and what is our budget used for. It is important for annual talks about budget cuts.

  • How Comsode project helped you to develop these activities?

As member of COMSODE User Board I started some pilots at CTIA. I used COMSODE’s UnifiedViews for automatic data transformation to RDF format. Internal catalog help us keep list of all data sources CTIA uses. We plan to use visualisations tool to create infographics for our press releases. COMSODE project helps us to share experiences

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