Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation
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Martin Tuchyňa

Martin Tuchyňa

  • What is your position and mission in your institution?

Geospatial information consultant / project manager at the Slovak environmental agency, promoting interoperable spatial data infrastructures and re-use of location information.

  • What are the current Open data activities you & your organization is working on?

There are currently three main types of activities related to the Open Data movement:

  1. Learning and at the same time awareness raising about the benefits and possible issues related with the opening of data (working on European projects SmartOpenData, GI N2K, sdi4apps);
  2. Development of the Licencing framework providing the standardised methodology for harmonised use of licences (INSPIRE, PSI, eGov);
  3. Making available relevant Open Data from Slovakian environmental domain (SK Open Government Partnership initiative).
  • Why is it important to you?

There are three main reasons for doing this: Improvement of provided public services; Support the re-use of public sector data and services; Lear new approaches and technologies.

  • How Comsode project helped you to develop these activities?

Project Comsode provided the support via various activities, e.g.:

  • Provision of User Board platform to share the experience with good practices as well as problems related to the use and re-use of public sector information;
  • Contributing with the methodological framework supporting the publishing datasets as open data;
  • Support with transformation of selected environmental data into 5* Open Data;
  • Publication of the transformed data via Open Data Node;
  • Awareness raising and knowledge transfer related to the Open and Linked Data.
  • What was the most inspiring part of Comsode project for you?

There were two main areas of inspiration driven by Comsode: A) Clear focus on practical and concrete outcomes (e.g deliverables, data, tools, PR activities like website, survey, etc.), B) Pragmatic and human approach to solve day to day activities.

  • Do you have any recommendations for Comsode project?

Find the way how to keep Comsode outcomes, ideas and network alive beyond the initial project lifetime.


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